Eric Goldberg. Barbara Jean Griffin. #1050
Eric Goldberg
Each time I visit The Barnes Collection, I find myself gravitating to the Vincent Van Gogh painting The Postman. Initially I thought it was the hypnotic stare of the subject that so strongly attracted me, but I now know it is more. Van Gogh has not simply painted an imitation of Joseph Roulin’s appearance; he has expressed the man’s character, his inner being. Van Gogh has depicted Joseph Roulin as a person of wisdom and integrity, a person of great strength of character who exudes both intelligence and warmth. I am a fortunate man. I too have a postal carrier who possesses the attributes that Van Gogh expressed in his portrait of Joseph Roulin. Barbara Jean Griffin has been delivering my mail since I moved to my present address in 2012. Her open, friendly disposition was apparent from our first meeting. In the years I have known her, she has proven to be a person of genuine warmth, intelligence, integrity and wisdom. Barbara Jean is one of the rare people whose beauty is both external and internal. It was an honor to have her sit for me.

Eric Goldberg was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He studied at Parsons School of Design, The New School for Social Research, New York University and New Mexico University. He taught painting, printmaking and drawing at colleges and universities for over thirty years. His home and studio are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Goldberg’s prints and paintings have been extensively exhibited in the United States and abroad. His work is held by many private, corporate and public collections. Most recently a number of his works have been added to the collections of The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, The Sakima Art Museum, Okinawa, Japan, Syracuse University and The Boston Athenaeum.


Vincent van Gogh. The Postman (Joseph-Étienne Roulin). BF37

Maryann Held. Chalfont. #1025
Maryann Held
This is a response to Karl Priebe's bizarrely beautiful painting, Miss Chalfont. I was immediately struck by this odd little piece. There are elements of the surreal: the out of place sequined hat placed jauntily on her head, the mysterious band clasped delicately between her fingers, the two starlings perched beside her, and the strange, somewhat foreboding mountains jutting up from the landscape far in the distance. I chose to re-imagine Miss Chalfont in my own illustrative style, amplifying her beautiful skin with its subtle blue undertones, her precisely posed hands, and her bemused expression—echoing the entrancement I felt when looking on Priebe’s work. Many of the pieces in the Barnes collection are examples of outsider or folk art, an aesthetic that Miss Chalfont certainly embodies. My response reflects my own interest in folk art motifs and design. In place of the barren olive-green plain, Chalfont is now surrounded by a vibrant, yet dark, swirl of leaves and flowers. It is a melding of the surreal and the traditional. Gazing back at you, Chalfont is prompting you to ask: what exactly is going one here?

Maryann Held is a Philadelphia-area based children's book illustrator who has been working professionally for over ten years. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Maryann attended the University of the Arts. After living in Brooklyn, NY for several years, Maryann returned to Philly to work full time as sole in-house assistant illustrator for the Berenstain Bears. Maryann now works full time as a freelance illustrator, where she pursues her passion for classic children's illustration.


Karl Priebe. Miss Chalfont. BF1144

Delia King. #ganggang_put_spider_chris_yeow_e_haas. #1175
Delia King
"#ganggang_put_spider_chris_yeow_e_haas" is a two-layer reverse glass painting It depicts men on the block biddn'. "Biddn" is like a "roast" where you crack jokes at others expense, the winner being the one who leaves his opponent with nothing left to say as everyone laughs. The original Picasso painting reminded me of the men I knew, the women volunteered for the picture, but I was stuck by how the painting was about men as a group, standing together, wearing their fresh clothes, biddn, and so the painting appreciate men. I was also inspired by the hardware on the walls and wanted to include pattern into the painting surface of the piece to highlight the men's complexities and to draw the viewer into a deeper experince.

Delia King is 44 year old reverse glass painter and muralist living in SW Philly. She attended St. John's College in Santa Fe and holds a B.A. in the humanities from Thomas Edison State College in Trenton. Her art background is in experience and practice. She recently ended a 4 year haitus from art to focus on mental health recovery. She was diagnosed with PTSD related to a sexual assault in 2014. She was recently declared well by WOAR. This is her first painting in years.

Pablo Picasso. Group of Catalans in Montmartre: Pichot, Mañach, Casagemas, Brossa, Picasso, and Gener. BF2049

Jonathan D. Pinkett. Karee as Dutch Burgermeister. #1049
Jonathan D. Pinkett
My selection for The Barnes “Let’s Connect “ is Frans Hals. My attraction to Hals is focused on his barque style and because there are not that many “ Realistic “ portraits in the Barnes collection. As a golden age painter Hals was famous for his loose painterly brush work. I wouldn’t describe my brush work as loose, but I do consider it to be organic. The tronie I am submitting of my friend Karee is painted from life. I chose Karee as my model because I wanted my painting to reflect the image of an African American. And to pay homage to the frequent appearance of African images in Dutch Art and to stimulate some reflection about Dr.Barnes’ historical effort to uplift the dignity of African Americans.

Jonathan D. Pinkett Born 1949 Philadelphia Pa Studied Filmmaking at The Philadelphia College of Art Studied drawing and painting at the Grand Central Atelier. Mentors Colleen Barry and Jacob Collins My work is an effort to deconstruct the diverse world around me. I use a variety of materials and processes in each project that relate to specific themes or personalities. Because I absorb and re direct the energy of my subjects, the portraits that I paint are, in essence, self portraits. As an artist I seek to immerse myself in the conditions around me, not to escape them. My influences are Colleen Barry,Jacob Collins,and Romare Bearden Charles White, John Sargent, My works are in Public, Private and Corporate collections

Instagram: @gianipinkett

Frans Hals. Portrait of a Man Holding a Watch. BF262